speed control using RFID reader in arduino uno

MY project is based on speed control using RFID . we are trying to implement in a toy car and individually speedometer is getting worked using hall effect sensor, RFID reader is also getting read and even the speed is also reducing.
but when i compile all together once it will work and then it will stop reducing the speed.
please help me
i have attached the sketches with it

thank you
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no_interrupt_speedo.ino (1.65 KB)

You are really going to need to supply a wiring diagram. It appears that you are trying to use the Serial instance to talk to the RFID reader and the PC at the same time. That's a non-starter.

The code you posted spends one second reading from the speed sensor, then does nothing with the data it read. Why not?

Then, it spends a full second with it's thumb up it's ass doing nothing. Why?

i have attached the sketches with it

You attached ONE sketch.

Sir, i didnt understand your language can u plss tell me

Hey, at least I spelled all the words correctly. That's more than you seem capable of.