Speed of Projector control

Apologies for my 'vagueness' in this first post.

I am interested in switching a projected image between a 'noise' pattern and black as quickly as possible [this related to a multicamera photogrammetry 3D mesh creation application.

The capture sequence I have in mind is:

(i) to use one mutiple bank of, synchronously triggered, cameras [in the presence of the projected "noise" pattern] to capture geometry information

then, following a short exposure time:

(ii) synchronously trigger a second multiple bank of cameras [[u]after the projected noise pattern has 'disappeared '[/u]] to capture 'texture' information in the presence of studio flash [this also a very short exposure time]

The overall exposure time must be as short as possible due to movement of the subject.

The only Arduino serial control topic [projector related] that I have found, so far, is this http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=12665.0

The machine referred to there was a Dell MP5100 projector - the seemingly interesting point, to me, is that 'power on' seemed software controllable.

I now wonder if there is also a 'power off' software control that I can avail of, in this or other projector types - or perhaps simply software control to switch, quickly, between 2 different projected images.

Timing is critical. I realise that the timing of 'reaction' to the Arduino serial control may be hidden / complex / arbitrary - but, with no experience in this subject area, I thought I would ask the question here to see if some Arduino [/projector] 'guru' might comment :grin: