Speeding Up the HTTP Request/Response Time

Hello everyone,

I am working in a project with requires refresh time of ~5-10 seconds. Thus the system must send data to the server around this interval. I am using Arduino Mega 2560 with Elecrow SIM808 shield for this. However, using POST method currently costing me around ~20-25 seconds for just 32 bytes of data. Any suggestions on improving this process?


P.S : I have vastly optimized the code. So no delay or unnecessary waiting is involved. Only the AT procedures is consuming time. Especially, in most of the cases, the result codes of HTTPACTION come after more than ~10 seconds.

Any suggestions on improving this process?

Use a hardware that is faster?

But there are so many factors involved that we cannot suggest you a solution because we don't know most of the details. Did you check if the recipient server is able to process the request fast enough? Did you check that you have the correct subscription from your mobile provider? What baud rate do you use?

Why don't you post your code?