Speedometer For An ATV

I have been trying to design a circuit to measure the change in the wheel allignment in the x and y direction for an ATV, but i am not able to find a suitable sensor for it.

Also, how should i mount the sensor on the vehicle is also a problem.

I would appreciate some suggestions.

Linear potentiometer for linear displacement. Rotary potentiometer for rotation. Mounting is a mechanical problem.... For prototyping/testing: hot glue, CA glue, epoxy, hose clamps, zip-ties....

A bowden cable (like the brake cables on a bike or throttle/choke on a lawnmower) would be the most durable solution. One end connects to the moving part and like Paulcet mentioned you'd connect the other end to a potentiometer.


i am trying to measure the camber and toe change of the wheel while it's in motion. could you suggest a sensor to measure that.

There is no “camber sensor” or “toe sensor”. You will have to make your own. To measure linear or rotational movement, you can use a potentiometer. You could also use an encoder.