Speedup YunClient


I've use the YunClient in my software and I want to send some data (45-55 Byte) every 100ms, but when I test my software with a windows server, so I got messages only every 200 - 230ms in mean. If I configure a shorter time at the sketch I also receive a new message every 200ms but now with both datasets.

i have also measured the time at the µC and its not the limiting part ( my software needs round about 500µs per Loop).

Have anybody an idea to increase the send speed of the Yunclient so that I could send a dataset every 100ms.

Thanks a lot

Do you call setTimeout(5) on you YunClient instance?

yes I set the timeout of the YunClient to 5 once when the connection is etablished

Then I've no more ideas, sorry. Btw: speed and memory are two aspects why I do not use YunClient in my project. I use a simple serial1 based communication between Arduino and Linino.