SPERMATRON: A sperm race game

Yesterday it was The WORLD AIDS DAY. For this project, me and John Revel (http://www.johnrevel.com) decided to help NAT (National AIDS Trust) by raising money on the World Aids Day, with an interactive event in a big disco at Lincoln (United Kingdom) by getting people to compete on our Sperm Race Game.

The project consists on a 5 player game where players have to race each other shaking a specially made controller. Each player is represented by a 3D little sperm pod that has the colour of his controller. The harder you shake the controller, the faster the sperm pod moves. This controller was made of 2 push buttons and a weight between them. The winner is the first one to reach the top of the screen. People will had to make a donation to play. It turned out really well; we had a lot of support from the Engine Shed (the disco), the University of Lincoln and from NAT.

The project was made with Arduino, Flash, Photoshop, Maya and After effects.


Although the name may shock some, the app is quite well done from a technical point of view. I hope you raised a lot of money!