Spi and MCP4151

Hello. I want to use the 4151 for audio control. Since I have stereo, I guess I need two. I understand that I could get a dual potentiometer, but none are available in local stores.

Now to my question. I understand that the two devices can share the bus and I googled how to do it. Can the two pots share the CS pin, apart from SCK and SI? The reasoning for this is that they are the same, used for exactly the same purpose, at the same time.

I intend to control them using a rotary encoder.
Thank you.

Yes and no. If you never read anything from the chip (so you only write to it) and you always want to write exactly the same value to both chips, you can use the same CS pin.

On a stereo device you usually want to be able to control both channels separately. You can do that only if you use separate CS pins.

are you running out of pins? If not, then there is no reason to join them. If you do run out of pins, some AD potentiometers provide option for daisy chaining, when you connect MISO of one to MOSI of another and join CS. But there are options for combined pots for up to 6 in the same chip.

Thank you all. I found a shop that sells 4261 pots, but for some reason they were not showing up in google. Although they sell at almost 3x the price of other stores, with shipping cost almost as much as the chip, I guess I have no choice.

Before you buy, check the voltages. The board you are putting it in what operating voltage of that board? @daz3d

I'm going to feed it with the output of a 4052 mux. Everything will be powered by 5 volts.
Why do I have a feeling that I'm doing something wrong?
The project is still on a breadboard, no pcb yet.

Nah, if you power everything with 5v you gonna be fine I think. I tried simply replacing potentiometer with digital one on an preamp board and didnt read about voltage requirements, it sounded awfull until I found digipot to match board power. MCP all 5V I think but AD pots have good variety of voltages and some even require analog and digital voltages separatelly.

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