SPI and pin 13 (for Nano)

Hello! Not so long time ago i dived into development on Arduino platform and it's like i opened whole world of new possibilities for myself :smiley: because now i can program little devices too, not just PC software. Okay just wanted to say it. Now to topic question. Is it possible to change using of 13 pin by editing some file? I realized that i can't use built-in LED when i use SPI. Would be nice to have that LED available to blink as indicator of something.

Pin 13 being the SPI SCK pin is a fixed hardware property built into the silicon. So you can't use any other pin for hardware SPI. You can do software SPI on any pins, but that is inferior to hardware SPI. Better to just connect an LED to a different pin on your Nano.

Ah, well, thank you for answer!

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!