SPI Communication with IR-Temperature Sensor (TN9)


Im having some issues regarding my newly bought TN9 IR-temperature sensor.
Im not getting any temperature reading what so ever.
I read through the manual and saw that the device is based on the SPI interface. Since this is my first time using an SPI based device and that im very new in using the arduino i might need some help.

So i have the MEGA2560 arduino. The TN9 sensor has 5 pins (you can also check out the picture down below) in the order of:
A:Action Pin (low to measure, floating while to write data into the IRT)
C:Clock (Serial Clock)
D:Data (Serial Data)
V: Vdd

After some searching i realized that my initial wiring was wrong (if it was wrong).
So i found the SPI pins for the MEGA2560 and connected them respectively :
50(MISO) to D
51(MOSI) to D //tried it one time for MISO and one time for MOSI
53(SS) to A
52(SCK) to C
GND to G
5V to V

Is my wiring correct ?

My code was based on the: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=84705.0
Since that thread was based on the Arduino UNO i changed the pins declaration to 50,51 etc…

Am I doing something wrong ? :~

Thank you in advance!