SPI communication with pressure difference sensor

I request support to establish SPI communication between a pressure difference sensor and Arduino UNO.

The links I made to examine the datasheet are:


GND ----------> GND
Vsupply ------> 3.3V
SS ------------> PIN 10
MISO ---------> PIN 11
SCKL ---------> PIN 13

The sensor works between 50 and 800 kHZ, MSBFIRST.
The output data is configured in such a way that it does not work in any way (according to the data sheet).

This connection leads to the sensor communication mode

This link leads to the sensor datasheet:

The model of my sensor is: ABP D JJ T 001PD S A 3

I have read other topics and library on the SPI, but I have not found a guide that explains to me step by step.

The datasheet mentions it has an I2C interface as well, so this library may be useful.