SPI conflict between Ethernet/SD card and LCD

I've got an Adafruit 1.8" LCD/SD screen that works fine with my 2560. I just got an Ethernet shield that also has an SD card on it.

The instructions for the Ethernet board says it uses SPI connections which is also what the LCD uses. Is there no way to have multiple devices connect to the SPI?

http://www.robotshop.com/content/PDF/datasheet-a000031.pdf - Ethernet datasheet http://www.ladyada.net/products/18tftbreakout/ - LCD screen.

Yes you can, there should be a CS (chip select) pin on your SPI devices, connect this pin to ground when you want to use this particular device. Note that only 1 device should have its CS pin tied to ground at one time.

Hi, I can say for sure that if you are using the IDE 1.0 then with this shield and a mega you only need to initially setup the pins. The ethernet & SD library correctly handle the SPI when each is called, without the need for specialist selects & deselects of the pins.

Now coming to the LCD , not having the same LCD shield as yourself , there may be an incompatibility with the LCD that you need to handle, I'm afraid that after digging through my LCD shields I do not have this particular one.

but if you remove your LCD shield, then just test the ethernet first, get that working..... we can take a look at the LCD separately