SPI connexion with MAX7456 OSD


I am trying to make this work : https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9168

I’ve connected the board using the 6 pins on the bottom of this picture : http://pighixxx.com/unov3pdf.pdf
ICSP is written next to them.

I wonder if the system doesn’t work because I used those pins and not those on the edge of my Arduino UNO board,

because I didn’t connect th CS/SS pin, (I think it’s where I am mistaking, I didn’t realize at first that CS and SS was the same thing, and as I saw no CS pin on the Arduino, I thought it wasn’t necessary, then I read information about SPI connexion and realized it was important, but I don’t know, maby it would work without it).

or because the sample code provided here

needs to be adapted to work with the Arduino board on the Arduino IDE (I just copy/pasted it, and it didn’t return any compilation mistakes).

EDIT : I just connected the CS and SS pins, and the systems works… until I plug something on the VIDEO IN port.

Thank you.