SPI, daisy chain

How do I shift register on a SPI daisy chain? :~ :~ thanks

Using 74CHC595 type registers?

Shift out: You will have multiple devices connected to the SCK (clock) and MOSI (serial data in) lines, so they all get the same data going into their shift-in register. You will have a unique Clock line going to their output resister clock line to move the data from input register to output register.

Shift in: similar setup with MISO (serial data out) instead, you will have unique output enable so only 1 device shifts out data at a time.

what are 74CHC595 type registers?

what are 74CHC595 type registers?

Is your ability to google broken?

The only Google hit I get leads back to this topic. Is "74CHC595" mistyped?

Ah. There we go. "74HC595". An extra "C". @Jezzza777, search for "74HC595".

Sorry about that. Should have used 74xx595 :)

Its ok thanks :)