SPI Display doesnt work with Arduino Nano

I'm trying to use an SPI Display with an Arduino Nano, but it doesnt work.
Yesterday, I tried to turn it on, and worked a couple of times (some test images were displayed etc). Today, I tried to use it again and didnt worked. I changed my board (from NodeMCU -> Arduino Nano) and it didnt work too. I tried changing the display and it still dont worked. I checked all the connections a billion times and dont know what's the problem. Can anyone help me on this? How could I check if the display isnt working?

Link to the album with photos of the breadboard: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DUdampvBDcK42xHX7


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Hi Vitorfrois,

Prepare for the worst: you might have fried the 3.3V display by wiring it to the (5V) Nano.
Can you supply pictures of your hardware AND a wiring diagram?
The folks here at the forum will try to help you, that's for sure, but they need i n f o r m a t i o n.
regards, photoncatcher

Best way to check displays like that is to connect them to a 3.3v Logic Pro Mini (or similar) Arduino.

I changed my board (from NodeMCU -> Arduino Nano) and it didn't work too.

Why would you do that? :roll_eyes:

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