SPI Flash acting as SD card on host PC ?


I am developing a multisensor datalogger (again) which has to be very robust (so all components on one PCB, industrial grade components etc.). I need mass storage device for data logging. SD cards are relative unreliable in these terms (industrial grade are pretty expensive) and I really dont like the idea soldering card directly on PCB. So I chose SPI Flash Winbond W25Q80 with really nice library. Very low power consumption, small footprint and industrila grade availiable for a good price.

The problem: Measured data will be collected daily from device. There is a requirement that collecting data will NOT require any special software or hardware. Thought also about USB host interface, but need to minimize power consumption (power source is LiSoCl battery).

I thought that if SD card can communicate on SPI bus with MCU, can it communicate that way with PC?

My idea is to make just a PCB adapter with SD pinout and form factor that will connect to PC...

I think you need a chip like this to act as the USB slave to talk to the PC.

VUB300 Datasheet-v14.pdf (406 KB)

Thank you for reply.

Yes this could help a lot. But still not sure if this could work with SPI flash instead of SD card...