SPI HW probl:RFM12+sd/ethernet shield+mega


I've some SPI problems:

I run a arduino Mega2560 with 0021 software. I've tested seperately: - RFM12 module, SPI connected to the correct pins, BUT CS set to pin 49 (instead of 53) for arduino mega. I've changed this in RF12.cpp. I also set pin 53 as output (to enable the SPI bus). This works perfectly attached to arduino (even with sd./ethernetshield attached) - latest arduino SD/ethernet shield (wiznet w5100) for writing/reading to SD card. I did nothing change on the code. Without the RFM12 module attached fysically, it works perfectly.

When I attach the RFM12 module to pins 51-52-53 and 49, the SD card inits always fails.

I've chaned my program in the following way: - before RF use: set pin 10 (from ethernet) high, set pin 4 (SD) high, set pin 49 (rfm12) low. - before init/use SD: set pin 10 and 49 high, pin 4 low (to enable SD)

The program itselfs works only when I dettach the RFM module (leaving pins 51-52-53 not connected)

So it should be a hardware issue. Anyone experience or seeing the problem here ? How should I proceed solving this issue ?

Please advice, many thanks in advance, Jeroen.

Anyone ?? Are here some experts available ? Is there another place to ask for help on this issue ?

Thanks, Jeroen