SPI & I2C devices making my Arduino reset

My friend and I are working on a project, and came across a weird issue. We have a wireless transceiver (RFM69HW), which is wired via SPI and an interrupt pin. We also have a HMC5883L, a popular magnetometer that's on I2C, and also a gps module (Ublox M6) running on software serial using the tinygps++ library.

If I comment the code for the RFM69HW module, everything works fine. The moment I instantiate the RFM69 class (don't even have to actually initiate the module, just instantiate the class), the Arduino keeps resetting constantly.

I didn't think SPI and I2C devices interfere with each other. Not sure what's going on. Any insights on how to troubleshoot?

If I comment the code ...

What code?

Like Nick hinted...post your code.

But usually I have found the reset is caused by a SRAM shortage. If you are using an Uno, you may have the SRAM wrapping around into low SRAM when you instantiate the new class. That will cause a continuous reset condition.