Hi Everyone

I am looking for an IC which generates PWM signals, much like the PWM output of the Atmegas. Ideally I want to communicate with it via SPI or I2C.

However, I have not had much luck finding anything. I would need something like a GPIO expander, just for PWM signals. Does such a thing exist?



Did you look at TI's TLC5940?

or others in that same series.

What about Atmel's AtMega328P?


...or another ATMega (ATTiny, etc.), which could be implemented for the same cost of a TLC5940.

(darn BenF beat me to it)

just to double check:

TLC5940 would also be able to drive a servo, correct? or a bunch of smaller DC motors.

(I was looking at some similar IC's and the fact that they are all dedicated to LED's confuses me - was wondering if there are also general purpose variants or if these are usable as general purpose pwms)

"TLC5940 would also be able to drive a servo, correct? or a bunch of smaller DC motors."
For that, take a look at something like this.

ah. wait. not thinking. sry. obviously they cannot drive a DC motor. However, why would the TLC5940 not be able to control a Servo?

the L99MC6 is super interesting though.

edit: the TLC5940 is current SINK, so thats why it couldnt drive a servo...