SPI interface with Multiple SDI lines

I have hardware with 4x DACS.

These are configured such that the SCLK, and CS/SS are common to all 4 devices and we have 4 SDI lines.

In the proper system this will all be controlled via FPGA so no problem there.
However, for testing purposes I need to control these devices in software (i.e. arduino).

Is there any way to have 4 SPI interfaces that share the SCLK but have different SDI's?

The plan is to simultaneously talk / program each DAC but with different data into each.



I think this may help.

Tom... :slight_smile:

With a microcontroller with only one core, you can anyway write only sequentially to the 4 devices.
Usual for SPI would be a shared clock and shared Data (MOSI). Each device on the SPI bus would have a unique chip select (CS) pin, normally held high, and brought low by the master to talk to the specific device.