SPI issues with Nokia-LCD using PCF8833

Hi all, I am using an ARDUINO 2009 with the Nokia LCD that has the Philips PCF8833 controller and it's working allright, by itself. Once I use it with another shield, that also works fine by itslef, the LCD stops responding. I am most certain that there is an issue with SPI or with the timers as the Pins in use do not get into each others way.

So I am wondering if anyone has got this LCD running properly on an ARDUINO 2009 in conjuction with another shield that is also using SPI (like an Ethernet shield)?

I am seeking information about a fully functional library for this LCD that is able to make use of SPI.

The LCD-shield I've got is from 'nuelectronics'. I think this is a great shield, especially with its 5-way joystick driving for example the menu-sketch that is also very usefull. Thanks to the inventor. BUT the command 'SendLcd' in PCF8833.c is not establishing a proper SPI communication (in order to obtain data from another shield using SPI as well).

I'd be glad to find some working code and library from anyone who has a similar SPI project completed successfully.

Thanks, Hans.