SPI MCP 4131

I successfully used Arduino uno to control the digital potentiometer. However, when I change the arduino uno to wemos D1 with the same connection as arduino uno with mcp4131. I failed to use wemos to dipot though I kept trying a lot of times. I wish to know any connection difference for wemos compared to arduino uno.

I am using SPI communication CS, SDO/SDO, MISO and MOSI(with external pull up resistor) to connect with mcp4131. But the resistance no change.

when I looked over your code for the D1.... guess what I saw ?

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wemos D1 = 3.3 volts. make sure your devices are not 5v.

Arduino UNO SPI are on pins 13, 12, 11 ? ? ? ?

Add SPI.h in your sketch
D5 through D8 are the D1 mini's SPI pins.