SPI on Arduino 101: ICSP header vs pins 10-13?

[Disclaimer: I've seen very little official documentation on the Curie / Arduino 101, so this may be something well covered in documents. If I'm missing something obvious, I'd welcome a pointer to the docs!]

I plan to hook a microSD to my Arduino 101 using the six pin ICSP header on the board. But I realize that leads to a few questions:

  • Are the signals on the ICSP header the same as those on digital pins 10-13?
  • If they are different, how do you tell the system which SPI system you're using?
  • If I'm using the ICSP header, does pin 10 need to be programmed as an output to keep the SPI system in master mode?
  • Regardless of the above questions, when using SPI, can I use pin 10 for other things (e.g. driving an LED) as long as it's an output?