Spi or other few wire interface connection touch lcd for the mega

Is there such a beast as an lcd with touch that has as few wires as a 1.8 inch TFT using spi or some other interface (mosi/clk/rst/ce/ds/etc) that doesn't take up as many wires as the sainsmart 3.2 lcd tft Touchscreens?

I want to have two screens at once and I went mega cause uno couldn't do it. Later my program got so big that I needed to go mega anyway, but with the shield for the 3.2 I can't hookup any of my other screens or sensors cause the stupid thing is a hog (pin wise).

I want to be able to dht11's, BMP085's, a 1.8 and a 3.2 with or without touch but prefer touch, AND some rf or btcomm (maybe both) for, you guessed it, a weather station. :)