SPI output stages

I'm just looking at options for output stages on a project, they need to handle 1A and I've found various chips that allow control via SPI with some nice features built in such as over-current protection etc.

Bosch have the rather nice CJ945C and there are numerous others available.

Has anyone used an SPI triggered output stage before? I only need 8 channels, but not having to route 8 input traces around the board would be nice...

I've not worked a lot with SPI before other than prewritten libraries for shields, so any help/input would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


I can't figure what your specific question is?

That Bosch device seems to be very specialized - why would you need 8 of them?

What data do you need to send using SPI and how often do you need to send it?


What is the application that you are switching?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

It's switching some hydraulic valves that are PWM driven at circa 50hz, doing some testing yesterday showed that they can draw 2A.

I've got the need to switch 6 of these, all independently.

The extra safety features of the Bosch chip are nice, such as the SPI reporting of open circuits etc - this can be used to trigger "safety" protocols to stop the system from running if a valve fails/disconnects. Doing some reading it appears that there are some similar ICs from Infineon but they prefer to use an MSC bus which I'm not familiar with.

The main draw for me is that if these can be used the board schematic would be simplified, I gain extra protection through the IC's internal fault finding. The downside is that should an output blow a driver, it will likely take the whole IC with it... which makes repairs to the unit awkward.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.