SPI pin labels and terminology udated

This shouldn't be so hard to do, given that we've all had to adjust previously to changes in the mnemonics for the resistor color code.

Why are you posting this? Take it from George Carlin “There are no bad words.”.

Tomorrow they will be coming for even more words you use.

For instance vegetarians and vegans could claim your username is the embodiment of an animal used by humans to enslave peaceful herbivores.

I don't see anything wrong with making a slave of a microchip.

It certainly does not imply that I condone the abuse of humans - of any creed or colour.

"Peripheral" is not a good alternative for "slave" because it implies an external part. But there is no reason why a device cannot change roles - i.e. master becoming slave and slave becoming master. However when you try to apply that to "peripheral" it is hard to think of the thing that started as the controller becoming a peripheral.

"Master" and "Client" would be better IMHO