SPI read status register in UC1609 LCD. issue[Solved]


A few months ago I made a library for this new LCD (ERM19264 UC1609),
library github link
And it is working and displaying fine.
I am now doing a first update now, want to add a few features.

One feature is ability to read the status register(Get Status). However when I issue command to read the "Get Status(0xFE) I just get 0x00 back. I have tried hardware and software SPI to no avail. This is my first attempt to read from LCD, all other operations writes.

This is what I am seeing on the logic analyser!

(attached file screenshot)
Channel 0 - CLK
Channel 1 - CD
Channel 2 - Data/MOSI
Channel 3 - CE

The datasheet is available at Datasheet github link
I am using the 4 wire serial SPI bus.

The new function is on github LCDreadStatus()

Any ideas what I can try or what I am doing wrong?

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