SPI Slave Select lines controlled with port expander/shift register?

Hi all,

I have about 25 SPI digital pots (MCP41HV51) I want to control with an ATMEGA328. Datasheet says these pot aren't capable of being daisy-chained despite having SI and SO pins.

So obviously the MCU won't have enough pins for 25 Slave Select lines... I'm wondering if it's possible to connect an i2c/SPI port expander/shift register and use the expander's pins to control the 25 Slave Select lines? Obviously the clock and MISO/MOSI will be connected straight to the MCU.


Yes, that will be fine.

Oh, that's easy. That's the answer I was hoping for thanks!

I'll be sure to come back if I run into any troubles though :slight_smile:

Thanks again