SPI to parallel chip ?

do you guys know a chip that converts SPI to parallel ?

Here's one: MCP23017. You can read about someone using it here.

If you're only writing to the device (one direction) you can use a serial in, parallel out shift register.

thank you very much

SPI hardware can drive a '595 or string of '595's. CS to latch, SCLK to clock, MOSI to data in.

The i think @jboynton means the MCP23s17 chip. The 23017 is the I2C version and the 23S17 is SPI.


thank you very much MarkT , the 595 is what i was looking for .
thanks jimmy

How much current do you need? 74CH595 is not good for much, just 8-9mA to not overdrive the 70mA Absolute Max on the VCC and GND pins.
TPIC6B595, TPIC6C595 work just the same as 'HC595 but can sink (only) 150mA and 100mA continuous on each output pin.