SPI write to multiple devices simultaneously.(CS pins tied together)

Hello everybody, i'm developing an Arduino programmed analog filter board, with multiple AD5263 digital Pots using SPI (write only mode, so i disconnected MOSI pin 13). The pots are connected with shared CLK and SDI(MISO) and 1 dedicated Chip Select line. I can actually program all of this without problems.

Assuming that all pots needs to be programmed with the same value(0-255) for every channel of the chip (5263 has 4 ch)

My question is: Can I send the programming string to ALL devices simultaneously simply by setting low ALL the dedicated CS lines together and expect to have the job done in all chips with 1 only SPI write command?

I don't need any response from the devices in circuit, the SDO pins on digiPots was left alone. As I said all the chips are identical and all receives the program data from arduino nano v3.

I tried to search but i found that the standard way to communicate via spi is with one device each time. But the standards implies that we have also the SDO line connected and ready to beam an output string, so i confirm the rule.

What do you think about this? The chips will see the same programming bit and so at the return of all CS lines to HIGH all pots in the board will be ready at the value received?

If no, why?

Thanks.... :D

I haven’t tried anything like that. Your idea sounds ok, but I think you are disconnecting the wrong line. The Arduino is the master, and the digital pots are the slaves, so you should disconnect the MISO (Master In - Slave Out) lines and leave the MOSI (Master Out - Slave In) line connected to all devices.

Hi, I'm, sorry your note it's correct, the line I've disconnected is MISO on Arduino (SDO on chips). Ill'try to program the devices together!

So other experiences from anyone?

That should work fine.

Thank you CrossRoads and SurferTim! I'll then expect a positive result.