SPIFFS Equivalent for Arduino Nano 33 IoT


I am developing a code for a project, in which i need to create a web server with Arduino Nano 33 IoT and control different LEDs through the web page. However, i want to be able to upload my .html and .css files on to the microcontroller and read it through the sketch, in order to display the web page - instead of writing lots of client.print(). I did it on ESP32 with SPIFFS library but somehow i can't find anything like that for Nano 33 IoT. I am using PlatformIO on VSCode.

Would appreciate some help here :slight_smile:


This MCU provide a 1MB of flash storage, so it should be possible if content of your webserver is small enought.

For example, after a quick search, I've found this library

Can you use external memory such as FRAM it is nonvolatile, 8Kx8 can be gotten very reasonable depending on your source. Mine were under $5 from china last year. You can get them in SPI or I2C and there is no write or read delay.

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