SpiSerial.begin() and troubleshooting the SPI-UART Bridge

I'm using the SPI-UART TERMINAL code, from Sparkfun.com, to test to see if the the SPI-UART Bridge works with the Arduino Mega. Here is the code below:

include "WiFly.h" // We use this for the preinstantiated SpiSerial object.

void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("SPI UART on WiFly Shield terminal tool"); Serial.println("--------------------------------------"); Serial.println(); Serial.println("This is a tool to help you troubleshoot problems with the WiFly shield."); Serial.println("For consistent results unplug & replug power to your Arduino and WiFly shield."); Serial.println("(Ensure the serial monitor is not open when you remove power.)"); Serial.println();

Serial.println("Attempting to connect to SPI UART..."); SpiSerial.begin(9600); Serial.println("Connected to SPI UART."); Serial.println();

Serial.println(" * Use $$$ (with no line ending) to enter WiFly command mode. (\"CMD\")"); Serial.println(" * Then send each command followed by a carriage return."); Serial.println();

Serial.println("Waiting for input."); Serial.println();


void loop() { // Terminal routine

// Always display a response uninterrupted by typing // but note that this makes the terminal unresponsive // while a response is being received. while(SpiSerial.available() > 0) { Serial.print(SpiSerial.read(), BYTE); }

if(Serial.available()) { // Outgoing data SpiSerial.print(Serial.read(), BYTE); } }

Now the situation is, as I uploaded the code to the board, the code will stop at the line where it is written, "Attempting to connect to SPI UART..." My question is 1.) could the situation be that the connection of the SPI-UART BRIDGE not connected properly to the Arduino Mega, and if so what digital i/o pins of the Arduino Mega is equivalent to the Arduino Uno's digial i/o pins, which is D0-D13? 2.) If this is not the case, what could be a possible problem if the connections are right and the code still not going through?

SPI on a Mega is pins 50-51-52-53 I think, so you need do something like call the D10-11-12-13 pins inputs and then add jumpers over to the Mega SPI pins.