Splice-free ribbon cable?

I was looking to buy some ribbon cable and I saw some in two varieties, one "splice free". What does that mean exactly? I assume it means the other kind may have a splice, but why would it have a splice, and how would they go about splicing ribbon cable anyway in a cost effective manner that makes more sense than holding onto a couple partial rolls?

And what would this splice look like anyway? A whole bunch of heat shrunk wires split apart in the middle of the cable? One big heat shrink around the cable? Something else?

Spliced cable is short pieces that are "spliced" and then put in a special machine to coat or insulate the splice, the difference is that the "spliced" cables are an issue at high bus speeds as the splice is an impedance bump (and physical bump) that can cause trouble. usually much less expensive they are fine for most of our (Arduino users) uses as we don't use long high speed multi-conductor cables.. I used to buy that stuff for low current control cables... it was lots cheaper... By the 1K length... and cut the splices out and put them in the wire scrap barrel... there are likely other reasons as well but that was my concern and remedy...