Split current between I/O pins?

I have 2 5v relays I want to control with my Duemilanove and they each require 60ma of current to switch on.

As far as I understand I should not draw a maintained current of more than 20ma from the I/O pins.

But could I use 4 pins at once as a switch and split the current between them?

There is always a risk that the pins do not switch at the same time so temporarily one of the two pins will be overloaded. So that would mean accessing registers directly so that you can control two pins in the same port at the same time; accurate to within some nanoseconds, I think (did not check).

Why not add a driver (transistor, fet, …) on the pin?

Not only the overload but inductive load can destroy I/O on MCU. Use an optocoupler or something like ULN2803 for relays, motors etc.