Split HDMI Image to 3D Projector System

I am quite stuck on a board, or something that could fit my needs. I made a dual Projector 3D System at home. Like this : http://www.cinema3dglass.com/Dual_projector_3D_polarization_system.php

And the HDMI can have different (8) formats(Left Right, Above Below, ect..) all here: https://www.tridef.com/user-guide/3d-file-formats

So the needed images on the incoming HDMI port can ble placed like above, and I need to split them on two separate HDMI outputs according to the format, so I can plug them into the projectors. Basically i need a device that is in the first iamge in the first link above titled :"HDMI Distribution Amplifier & EDID Emulator"

I know an arduino can't handle this amount of processing, because i overloaded it with simlier tasks. Can anyone Help me where to start? I foud Panda development board but that's too expensive. Or if there is a not owerly expensive device existing for this task, i could buy that.

Thx. in advice

I don't see how this is a topic for the arduino forum, but I'm sure there are devices on the markets that do exactly that. Maybe not cheap, but for a reason.

lg, couka

I thaught myself that there might be devices, or that this is not an impossible task, as others alredy have achieved this goal.

I put the question here, because arduino can be used to program microcontrollers, or it might be possible to achieve it, because i've seen others doing basic image processing with arduino. And maybe once i'll get a reply from someone who do knows something about it, but Thanks for your reply too.

Basic image processing, yes, maybe. But HDMI is a multi-gigabit/s-connection, that is nothing you want to process with an 16Mhz 8bit ┬ÁC.

Of course it's not an impossible task, but an arduino is not the right tool to solve it.

You didn't really explain what your input and output looks like, maybe I got that completely wrong. Please google "hdmi demultiplexer" and tell me if that's what you are looking for.

lg, couka

Thank you so muth for the useful answer :D I also found demultiplexers, but I taught them quite expensive, but i'll keep Looking. Thanks :)

They are, because they have to do a lot of work. As I said, multi-gigabit/s-connection. You might be better off with a software solution.

lg, couka

You might be better off with a software solution.

Or not - you would need a PC for that anyway, with the necessary video boards.

Well, he didn't tell us what the video source is. There might be a video player software or maybe a VLC plugin, that outputs the L and R stream of 3D content to 2 different Outputs of a standard graphics card.

I don't know, just an idea.

lg, couka

I manadged to use the system before, with Tridef 3D, but to get it working under an Optimus system is more than a simple pain in the a**. It would be cool if it worked from any HDMI capable device, but a Cromecast 2.0 is my goal.

I found something at Texas Instruments it might be good.


What do you think ? Can I use it. I don't really know what does the DisplayPort (DP) source/sink application meant. But this is someting like taht... I just don't understand it. :sob: