Split the micro usb power

I have a project utilising MQ-2 gas sensor, DHT-22,RTC and a 12864 LCD. Connecting all of this to arduino powered from a usb source shows that the lcd doesn't get enough power. I would like my final assembly on arduino nano powered by a 1A micro usb charger from an android phone. So should i in some way split the power line before it enters arduino and power LCD in parallel? If the answer is yes - what is the best way to split? Cut the micro usb cable from the socket?

Powered USB hub might be easier.

Powered usb hub wil either

  1. Bring power to arduino and i will have the same problems
  2. 2 cable to run which is just too much.

So generally speaking i am loomking for a 1 power socket | 1 cable running solution