Splitting AC-DC wall-adapter to power arduino and stepper motor


Its my first message on this forum, i hope it is in the good section, also english is not my native language so sorry in advance !

So i want to use an AC-DC 12 Volts 1.7A to power a stepper motor and an arduino UNO so i can plug my project using only one cord.

The stepper motor will use an h-bridge (IC driver L293D) controlled by the arduino. I have readed alot in others topics about it, and what i found are sometime contradictory. Some people said that i can only splitt the circuit in parralel so i will got bot 12 volts for the L293D and 12 volt entering the arduino using the jack port, other said i cant. In one topics it said that i need to use transistor with a parralel circuit, but it didnt said where to put it and which type to use.

I know that there are better way to power it and having two supply will be best.

But with the current crisis, getting stuff is really hard for me and i want to continue my projet with stuff that i already have. So basicaly basics electronics stuff.

So is a parralel circuit good enought ? Should I protect the circuit going to the Arduino in case there is a sudden change in voltage due to the motor and how to do it?

i hope i'm clear enough, if not , please ask i will give more detail.

Link for stepper motor:


Link for the L293D h-bridge: