Splitting throttle signal

Good afternoon all!
I am currently working on a trike project using 2 brushless hub motors salvaged from an old kids hoverboard, and 1 generic Chinese controller for each motor.
I am trying to control both motors with one throttle, but just splitting the signal wire to go to each controller is causing problems.

My question.. I have an arduino uno r3 and motor shield laying around from an old project (wind simulator for sim racing), is there a way I can use this to receive the input signal from the throttle, and repeat it out to each controller separately, rather than trying to just split the one wire.
I am very compitent with dc electrics and the mechanical side of things as that's what I do for a living, but I am a complete novice in the arduino area so all help would be greatly appreciated!

What input signals for the motor shield should you provide?

The three connections are +5V (Red lead) , 0V (Black ground lead) and signal out (White lead) .

Twisting the throttle simply varies the strength and polarity of the magnetic field adjacent to the sensor, which sends a corresponding voltage of between 0.8V and 4.5V to be sent to the controller.
Its only the signal I need to repeat.

I mean not the throttle sensor but motor driver.

My apologies, I don't know what you mean!
As I said I'm totally new to ardunos so I'm afraid you may have to explain things as if I was a child!


You did connect the gnd of the controller to both gnds of the motor controller?

You have what is called a Hall Effect Throttle controller.

Can you please post some images of the hardware that you have?

Thanks.. Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Explain please what is generic Chinese controller? What is its input signals?
Give please your wiring diagram as advised in post #6.

I have limited pictures on me as I'm nowhere near home atm, I will try to take some better pictures when I get home.
I have attached pictures of the controllers being used, and the throttle.

No I didn't connect the ground from the throttle to both controllers, only the signal wire, the earth and live from the throttle are connected to one controller only. I did this because it was something I read online, saying only the signal needs to be split. I'm guessing this isn't right?
I will also make up a wiring diagram when I get home.
Everything else is wired right, both controllers/motors work as they should individually with the throttle only connected to one at a time.

Take a piece of paper and carefully draw a diagram of your connections.

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