spO2 to arduino Uno

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project with arduino uno. I have to connect an spo2 sensor to it, but i am not sure which pins to use. http://learn.parallax.com/spo2-sensor-propeller-spin-demo shows the connections for the sensors. It's not the same one, but it has the same connection pairings. I have read that some people used the TX and RX pins, but I'm not too sure what to connect to what yet. Thank you for any help and advice.

Do you know the brand and type of the sensor ? Can you perhaps attach a photo of it ?

So it is just a led and a photodiode ? You can connect the photodiode as in the schematic, although I have my doubt about the value of the resistor. I think an amplifier should be used. And you need to know the current for the led. You can start with 220 ohm from 5V to the led.

Here is a nice product with the Pulse Sensor Amped. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1093

I’ve attached the pictures that I have. The first pic is the spo2. It’s a disposable one. The second pic is a connector I got so I didn’t have to cut up the disposable. The 3rd pic is of the female connector wiring.

It might be this one:
They don’t give the details how much current the led should have.

The link in the first post to Parallex does also not tell how much current they use.

Here is the same question, and no answer:

I tried to find a project that uses such oximeters and tells how much curent the led can have, but I did not find it.
I’m guessing 10mA for a red led and 15mA for an IR led, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for the reply Caltoa.

So I have not connected the spO2 to the arduino yet. But the adapter for the spO2 I have is the http://www.cablesandsensors.com/products/nellcor-oxi-tech-extension-cable-spo2-4. I have a picture of it on my second post. I was wondering which connection is which, since I've stripped the wires, if anyone is able to help me out here. I tried looking but was unable to find anything. Basically there's 4 wires if I'm not mistaken. Colors are as follows: yellow and purple, white and green. There is also a black and red wire. Basically trying to figure which is power, ground, output, and what the other wires are for.

I will be trying to figure out which wires are which this week. Hopefully I can give you guys an update soon.

Hi everyone,

I face the same problem now on how to connect the spo2 sensor (http://www.cablesandsensors.com/products/nellcor-oxi-tech-extension-cable-spo2-4) to Arduino Uno.I know its been a very long time (more than three years) that this topic has been discussed, it will be very much helpful for me if you could give me some insights on how you solved the problem.


I found this connect the spo2 sensor Nellcor Spo2 Adapter Extension Cable DOC-10 9 Pin 7.2 ft https://www.sinokmed.com/products/compatible-for-nellcor-spo2-adapter-extension-cable-doc-10-7-pin-7-2-ft