Sporadic Motors

My son is building a project that consists of two brushless T Motors (MN 3110) connected to two brushless ESCs (50 amp Align) that are connected to Auduino micro/ mini. He has included a button start and potentiometer to his design so that when he presses the button, the motors will run per the speed of the potentiometer. Lastly, this is powered by a single LiPo 4s pack.

Everything hooked up and the ESC's go through the boot up protocol but the engines run extremely sporadically and uncontrollably from the Potentionmeter. Separately, we powered the motors/ ESC's through a remote and were able to control power output. I will post programming ASAP as I think this is an auduino issue.

Thoughts ?

Hi, I think this is an ElectroMotive Interference (EMI) problem.

Start here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Arduino-Project-Planning-Electrical

Hint: Understand Common Ground Point

That point should probably be at the negative terminal of the battery.

And every component should have it's own ground wire going to that point.

Let us know how it goes so we can understand...

And the ESCs put out a lot of interference - keep the power and motor wiring to the ESCs well away from anything do do with the Arduino. The only common connections should be the ground and signal of the servo cable to the ESC - ie use a star ground with the common point being the servo cable ground wire.

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Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png? Include how your Lipo is connected.

How have you got the button wired? Do you use a pullup or pulldown resistor, or the Arduino internal pullup resistor?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)