Spring Switch in bluetooth app

Hello to everyone. Any ideas how to make a spring loaded switch in bluetooth app? I don't want a button for on and another for off. I want to be on only when I touch the switch of the app. Thank you.

Which programming environment are you using ?

My (paid) pfodApp can do that. The free pfodDesigner generates all the Arduino BLE connection sketch code. See Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) made simple with pfodApp™ Custom BLE controls with no Android coding for multiple examples using different BLE Arduino boards.

Once you have a bare bones bluetooth sketch generated by the pfodDesigner running, we can go through adding code to your Arduino sketch that will create a touch sensitive area to your Android mobile's screen.

The tutorial on Custom Controls should get you some ideas.

Here some of the drawing primitives you can add to your mobile's screen using code in your Arduino's sketch

Arduino BlueControl


Do you have a link to detailed doc/instructions?
Looks like it can send repeatedly while a button is pressed. Did you get it working?