Spur Gear Removal

I have acquired a number of stepper motors recently. Most have 6mm shafts and a gear of one form or another pressed on to the shaft. If this was an electric motor for a woodworking machine I have the gear puller that I could use to remove the gear. However, as small as these motors are I have nothing that will work. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can remove the gear without damaging either the motor or the motor shaft?
Thanks in advance.

Buy a smaller gear puller ?

Heat the gear to make it expand then pull it off ?

Try to remove it by heating only. Else I at older time used some liquid that can corrupt the plastic layer with little thickness. Hence you can freely remove it

Thank you both. I bought a small gear puller, but when I tried to pull the gear the "ram" part was so soft it just deformed. I have another, and I hope stronger, on order but it won't be here until June.
I have tried heat. In fact some gears respond very well to heating and after they cool slip off. I have found that heating until a little smoke appears is all that is needed on these. I think they are using some form of glue to secure the gears. Other motors do not respond to heating. Gear is very stubborn, I think they have been pushed on and my guess is that they are not in compliance with the correct tolerance for a press fit and probably the gear ID is much smaller than recommended for press fit.
I will keep trying different methods until I find something.
Thanks again for your responses.

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Great let me know, if something really works out for you

I sure will. If I do find a good all around solution, I'll post it here.

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