spurious 'sticky' topics in Programming Questions section

I've noticed several ordinary-looking threads in the Programming Questions section recently which have been given 'sticky' status so they are pinned to the top of the list. Ordinary users don't get to control this as far as I know so I suppose that it's being done by moderators, and since there's no obvious reason for these threads to be marked sticky I guess it is being done by mistake. Any idea how/why this mistake keeps happening?

As I understand it there is some fault in the forum software that is doing this that has not been tracked down.
Report such posts to the moderators and they will unsticky them.

Will do, thanks for the explanation.

Probably AWOL traveling. He has a low accuracy with touchscreens.

Oh, man. That's not nice. You guys need to stick together, not stick it to each other.

Hey, just calling it like I see it. ]:smiley:

This is not the easiest site to navigate using an iThing and for me trying to sign out (or use any dropdowns) is almost impossible.

Does moderation involve using drop-down menus? If so, I’d view fixing that accessibility issue as a priority - more important than the clever but pointless features the site has acquired recently (scrolling page headers, shop integration with the forum, newsletter signup options on every page etc).

A drop-down combobox but no menus. At least not that I can remember.

Probably guilty as charged - I have a history, usually on one of my tablets or phones.
If they're reported, I'll unstick 'em.