Sputnik 1 soft replica

Hello all! I had a question related to a Sputnik soft replica. I’m new here, so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this... So I’ve recently had the idea to make a soft Sputnik replica, with the classic beep transmission. Problem is... I don’t know how. My goal is to transmit a beeping noise to an AM frequency, at 0.3 second intervals. Does anyone know how to transmit this (or if it is possible?)
Thank you!

Welcome EarlyMilly1.

Sputnik spoken here!

Sputnik transmitted a beep beep beeping sound at 20.005-40.001 MHz. The beeping can be easily modeled with any microprocessor or even CMOS circuit. The sticky part comes into transmitting. There are a few frequencies in that range that fit under the amateur satellite/amateur bands. You will need an amateur radio license to broadcast in this range.

21.0-21.45 Mhz
24.89-24.99 MHz
28.0-29.7 MHz

You could use the Arduino to control a DDS chip to generate 28.5Mhz. Mix in the beeping filter and transmit. I've grossly oversimplified this process but showing that it is doable.

Get a HAM license first.