SPWM for NPC inverter

Hi, I'm a noob at this, having serious trouble with understanding pwm. I require an SPWM switching o/p from UNO to drive the inverter(NPC 1 stage) for a motor.

Motor Specs are 50Hz(max), 220V, 6A, induction.

this is for an academic project which is nearing its end and i'm stuck with more than i can handle. Any help would be highly appreciated. switching states are as follows. I have made the ckt on discrete components but i really need to use it through the uC.

t1 1 0 0 t2 1 1 0 t3 0 1 1 t4 0 0 1

Can you explain what you have and what you want. For example, what is: "o/p", "NPC 1 stage", "ckt" ? The term "SPWM" can be "Sine–triangle pulse width modulation" or "Synchronized Pulse-Width Modulation". Can you add links or photos ? What are t1, t2, t3, and t4 ? Are those the phases ? What kind of driver hardware for the motor do you have ?

SPWM is “Sinusoidal PWM”

Im attaching the file with this, Basically we need to replace the opamps and the almost everything on left with UNO.

t1, t2, t3 and t4 are the mosfets as NPC inverter switches .

NPC Inverter.ms11 (429 KB)

I don't know what a *.ms11 file is, and I don't know how to open it.

this is multisim file . u have to install multisim.

check this Caltoa .