Spy Video ATV 360

I bought a Spy Video ATV 360 from a thrift store for $3.95 and when I tested it I saw why someone had gotten rid of it. The drivetrain and its accompanying 49MHZ radio and the controller worked but the video system didn't. I am wondering if A it is possible to fix the video system somehow and B is it possible to hack the controller to use it with and arduino.

The manual is available here www.wigix.com%2Findex.php%2Fskuaccessories%2FdownloadManual%2F2372586%2F16968%2F0%2FSpy-Gear-Spy-Video-ATV-360-70241-User-Manual.pdf it can be purchased here http://www.amazon.com/Spy-Gear-Video-ATV-360/dp/B0016A7PGU

The camera and goggle are both PAL not NTSC so I have no way of hooking them up to my TV. When I hooked the camera up to an oscilloscope it appeared to be working as the voltage level was pulsing up and down. Although about once a second the voltage would go back to 0Volts for hal a second and then go back to jumping around. The goggle displays a white screen when I hook it all up through the video TX and RX. All help is appreciated.

I own a few of these myself; I am curious how you found they were PAL, and not NTSC (I think all of mine are NTSC - but I haven't checked closely).

I can't recall exactly what way it is - but I seem to recall that you could put PAL into NTSC (or the other way around), and you would get an image, but you wouldn't get sound. Then again, that may be for some 60/50hz PAL or NTSC signal for a different part of the world (the "standards" are all intermixed like that; for instance, Japan used NTSC, but it wasn't compatible with North American NTSC - and was called NTSC-JP or something like that; there are similar different PAL signal "standards" worldwide as well).

You might try getting a PAL source - a good way would be to get a working Amiga, for instance - or a VGA to TV converter that can do PAL.

It's difficult to tell where the problem lies; whether on the vehicle (the transmitter), on the receiver, or in the head mount unit itself - or a combo. It sounds like there's at least an issue with the receiver and the monocle (though you do have a backlight working on it).

You might also look around into the various "hacking" of this display that are out there - I believe it is a Kopin display - yes:


Maybe that will help (at least on the display)? Good luck.