Spykee info needed

Hello All, I am new to Arduino. I'm learning and enjoying it. I am the owner of a Spykee. It was a gift from my Mother. After the initial ewww and ahhhh I became bored with it. Yes it was a great idea, but not well thought out or designed. I put it on the back burner, knowing that eventually I would find the time to bend it into what I thought it should be. I recently discovered Arduino and realized it was time. Anyway, I'm getting long winded. I want to toggle control of the motors between the WaveStorm cnx11 board and Arduino using one of the GUI's LED switches. This way I can augment Spykee with sensors and learn robotics and programming. Another thought I have is to use the GUI direction controls, while Arduino is in control of the motors, to control pan and tilt of the camera. The second LED would be programmed as an "All stop" interrupt. My question is: Has anyone out there investigated the interaction between the WaveStorm cnx11 board and the motors? Unfortunately, I do not have an oscilloscope to view the signal between the board and the motors. Is it PWM? I would greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thank you, Eric