Square block RGB Letters

Okay let me re phrase this better i have a lego blocks box from my son that haves 5mm wholes in the front of it. I made in windows paint a image of dots how it is layed out from the plastic box. there are 9 columns and 9 rows, The first third fifth and ninth haves 9 leds the second forth sisth and eight have 5 leds , Also there are 9 rows total showing in the picture below, What i would like to do is make some kind of scrolling sign of letter maybe to make a word in it as it scrolls the problem is i only have RGB leds and i have no clue on how to wire it is correctly or what resistors to use but it would be nice to have different color text or maybe the border changes colors while the text scrolls i really need help in order to wire it up correct can someone please help me out?


In order to make that post make any sort of sense please take the following ASCII characters and place them in the body of the text so that meaning appeares.

............ ,,,,,,,,,

Okay I have rephrase at the top post better.

Thanks that is a lot better. :slight_smile:

So you have 65 holes, that is unfortunate because that is one more than the “natural” number of 64 ( a power of two ).

Given you want to / have to use RGB LEDs means you have 195 LEDs to control.
If you just want 7 colours then you only have to consider on / off control then you could do it with 25 shift registers and the ShiftPWM library

If on the other hand you want an unlimited number of colours then my Hexome project used three TLC5940 chips multiplexed.
That will only give you 64 LEDs and even so there is quite a bit of wiring involved.

that hexome project looks awesome man one day maybe i make one so i have alot of thinking to do to make this block work… thank you for the info man i guess for now my work is done.