square Brackets in serial.print()

could any of you point out to me what this statement means. I get what it does but where is the syntax discribed.


please help

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Standard C subscripting.

I get what it does but where is the syntax discribed.

That would depend on what serial is an instance of.

If it is a typo, then maybe you can begin to understand why we want you to post ALL of your REAL code.

This is usually seen in obfuscated C. The ".SL" returns a pointer to a 4 character array, so ".SL"[event] will return whatever character event indexes.

If event is 0, it returns '.'
if event is 1, it returns 'S'
if event is 2 it returns 'L'
if event is 3 it returns '\0'
if event is something else, it returns garbage.

Thanx a lot!!!
is there by any chance some reference for this sort of pointers? (obfuscated C)
i’m quite new to arduino and C, so any help is appreciated…

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No, run away from this. It adds nothing but confusion.

I disagree that it is obfuscated - it is clear that a subscript operation is taking place.
Compare this to Ada, where without further context, it is impossible to discern whether “A(X)” refers to calling a function called A taking X as a parameter, or retrieving the Xth index of an array called A.

Serial.print(*(".SL" + event));would be obfuscated :smiley:

But indexing a constant string is not that common. You have to know that a constant string decays into a pointer to the string somewhere in memory.

And storing constant strings in SRAM is a bad idea on the Arduino.