SRD-05VDC-SL-C relay Defect or error?

Hi community,

im new to arduino but like it from the beginning.

I have a problem with my first project including the SRD-05VDC-SL-C relay

I have wired my nano with a button and the relais. When i push the button the relais should open a magnetic valve powered with 12V. 12V Batt and the magnetic valve works fine when directly connected. When i push the button the led on the relay powers up but the relay didnt open the valve. Altough tested the setup with a multimeter (MM- to relay COM, MM+ to power-, power+ to relay NO)

Btw i followed this vid

At first i thought the relay is broken, but the new one shows the same error...

Any ideas?

Test your setup without the arduino, just connect the button directly to relay. If is working, check your arduino connection and the sketch. And please, post a photo or schematic of your setup, and your complete sketch within the code tags.

Cheers, Ale.

Hi Ale,

thanks for the response. Next time i ll add a schematic.

I ve tested my setup without the arduino and with a lot more help from Mr. Google and the solution was quit simple (as it mostly is).

There are two smd-leds on the relay and only one was up. I thought there must be a problem in the cabling (5V in and cmd) and thats it. The board was labeled wrong (or i misunderstood it). It was +,sig,- and not as i saw most +,-,sig

Maybe this helps the next Noob