SRF communication reliable

Hi apologies if this is hidden on the forum and if you could provide a link would be nice, my issue at the moment is i am trying to communicate from two arduino's a string of data using the srf Shields they communicate via serial my problem is I am getting alot of corruption on the receiving end and I'm not sure the best way to deal with this. My data is a string sent consisting of a id value to know which node should process the data an id payload to execute a command and a reference number to keep track of packets, this looks like this, 0001-04-12#, where the first number is the node I'd the second a command reference an then the packet number the # at the end means it's the end of the packet, I keep having random number changes and data corruption I'm not entirely sure how to handle this I've been looking at tcp on Wikipedia any simple tips would help. Excuse my bad grammer, thanks in advance, Chris.

Excuse my bad grammer, thanks in advance, Chris.

I could excuse that, but the lack of paragraphs makes your post difficult to read.

The lack of links and code makes it impossible to help you.

I'm looking for a simple and reliable way to communicate via serial using an srf shield on 868mhz because at the moment I'm experiencing alot of corruption.